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  ​​​PRIVATE CLASSIC COMPANION High Class Luxury Model, InCall, Dating...                                                                                                                                                                        ROCHESTER, NEW YORK 2020 

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Private and Exclusive Relaxation..

Confidential relaxation, classic conversation, and a chance to drift away making it a more peaceful or entertaining day.

InCalls are at my private, bungalow apartment, with soft lighting, music, and now warm and cozy for the winter weather.


I cater to true high class gentlemen who are able to be mutually confidential, clean, fine, healthy, and nicely dressed when getting together.

Being basic open minded with a fresh and healthy attitude for elegant and natural relating that is positive and intelligent for one another, I am not the entertainer from the club, or for groups. If you see companionship for a place of quick thrill immaturity, demeanment, darkness, negativity, or as wrong, we will not be a prestart fluctuating match.

Those that are real, think for themselves, share sensitivity, and like to maintain a healthy outcome both mentally and physically are welcome to pursue private friendship, luxury comfort and company. And being both private, detailed reviews of our time together will not exist.

Appointments : As a part of Screening, being able to follow these directions, and read the above, can or may not have me call you.

1. If you are New to me, voice call only, no texts, the same day and not a prior day, with you name, number, best time to call you back, and possible time to see you. 1 hour preacqaintance to start.

2. Continuing friend can do all the same, make an advance day and time, text, or with an email.

3. Understand I may not be able to get back to you, or may be off on personal time. I can also avoid anything or anyone that makes me uncomfortable.

4. Please practice quiet discretion, present the time fee for time and companionship in the beginning when we meet, and be courteous to time as I can and you can, have other personal activities, schedule, or you enjoying your continued vacationing.

5. High Class, and cell free environment as well as other devices, our time stays with us, again no detailed reviews. 


Monday and Tuesday preferred, then Wednesday 10-5pm. Random times can occur as I have other public work I do and can not be available, and instead in the evening or weekend. Checking here at for a quick check will tell you then.

​1 hour $350, 1.5 $500, 2 $650     

Call 585-820-5239


JOYCE IANNA - I am blond, blue eyed, 5 6', 120, 36c-25-36, 50, slim, tone, mature, no smoking, tat's, extra piercing's, drug free, do not drink coffee, eat vegetables for breakfast, layed back, friendly and available as an open minded gentle-woman catering to gentle-men, medium if..

Private High Class Luxury - InCall relaxation, conversation, dining, drinks, personal favorites asian, seafood, steak, dessert, sprudel water, mild cheese, fruit, champagne brut, sapphire gin. All Day Together Social recreation, events, festivals, concerts, shopping, dining, movies, all day or eve gallivanting...