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Confidentiality: Confidentiality is Complete with the best of men, unless any crime of course.

Common Likes: Getting social, music, sexiness, sipping wine, champagne, conversation, clicking, nature, drives, beaches, hiking, sunshine, events, people, concerts, festivals, warm summer stars and nights, dining, dressing, lingerie, modeling, relaxation, succeeding...

Private Likes: Miss, 69, bbbjnocim, dfkissing, dgy, body rub, finger tip caress, open hand, nc body massage, cuddling, npLplay, necking, body kissing, lip touch, ball caress, all, body passion, laughs, giggles, pleasures, comfort, lost in the warmth of now our world and knowing you are too, together, not feeling naked, free, happy, playful, mischievous but good!

My Likes: Are not an illegal offer of prostitution. They are things I can like in life no matter. I offer only Companionship as a person and what of my personality. And, how we click is how we will just be...!

References: I may ask if I question you in some way, otherwise how I am set is my own formula.

Return references: Can take a day or two. I'd need to check a girls site, other info, and I can be busy.

Gentlemen: Prepositive attitude about seeing a lady with mutual before, during, and after respect. Confident or nervous, very well groomed, intelligent, know it's a very small world, no one is disposable.

Mature Gentlemen: As I say I am mature over 35. This is an industry standard term for any age beyond. You don't have to tell me either as long as you are of age. 40, 50, 60, more....I don't mind and am compatible with fellow people who are sharp, intelligent, thoughtful of others, don't break peace... Also no matter who you are, executive, world leader, etc. has no effect on me. Good and gentle souls or younger are still welcome. Remember I still have right to refuse an appointment.

Intelligence and Social Class: You are worldly of all types of people. If you have a prenegative attitude to be attacking, degrading, think you are only better, exploit your negative behavior verbally, physically, or written on the web to self show how low you really are, create stories upon people you've spent time with or not, in desperation to look like a winner instead,  you do not qualify, do not pass, etc. and we will not be compatible. While other aspects, these pop up. There are two types in this business, along with competition, multiple handled masking by escorts, agencies, boyfriends and spouses, and suggesting ridiculers everywhere...If first starting out, it's wiser to always present and keep to being your best in manners upon all escort companions. Not that we know well of you, but who you are amongst anyone, comes out immediately or in time, and blame for yourself.

Public Reception: Sometimes there is seen threat or actual disclosure of common or private happenings by, you could say, the actual perpetrator's to beyond harass and exploit those seeing someone. If ever this where to occur with us, the true punishment will be given to those that would ever act this way, and we will arrest, jail, and sue any media, person(s) doing such act upon you or us. I am very strong in this area and prepared. No one loses a job, position, more...

Rates: My current hourly rate is average at this time, not high. Per my own perfectionist standards, I am not perfect at the moment, they will raise later. Rates help in partial prescreening of better compatible clientele. Please graciously seek elsewhere to your abilities and selection if a problem for you. Some of you can still keep your rate.

Time Amount: Is for a blank period of time, cash only, no envelope. You present this in the beginning  when we meet and can leave it in plain view for me to see so I can verify it as such, or you can. Silence is not necessarily golden. Donation or Time fee. now all our own to do as we please...

Get Together's: Appointments are made for Time only as well. Please follow Instructions...

Location: In a quiet area, five miles on expressway from Greater Rochester International Airport and two minutes from exit, in a better residential neighborhood, at my high class suite-bungalow.

 Availability:  My schedule is open and fluctuating at this time. If any day or time you have in mind for, if I can, and have a few hours prior, I can happily make myself ready. Times shown are preferred...

Remember it is your responsibility to read the information prior to calling, so things go smoothly

                                                                        Thank You! Joyce...


CALL Anytime to leave message 24/7 for next day, if late.

CALL (585) 820-5239




Out Call Jaunts' up to approx 4 hours. Pick up. country drive, dining, site seeing $2000.

In Out You Come to Me : up to 12 hours $3000 We plan the day, common to fine. See a movie, popcorn, burgers, fries, beach, driving, shopping, the zoo, hiking, concert, festival, opera, barbeque, tropical makings, fine dining, busy, friendship, playtime, whatever...

I come to you up to 12 hours $4000

...................................24 hours $5000

...................................48 hours $8000

Exclusively Yours I see only you. 1 Month $12,000 In and out excursions of regular style living, adventures, relaxing, excursions, etc. how ever we figure

At Your Place I see only You 1 Month $20,000

Regular Out Call up to 4 hours $2000 I come to you, local, or you pick up for events, etc, more.

or bring your favorites, and more...


APPOINTMENTS...   InCalls / Out Calls

InCalls This Week Monday through Friday 10-5pm

1 hour $350     1.5 $500     2 $650     possible eve/weekends...

All Day/Night Lounging up to 12 hours $3000. All day friend, eating, drinking,

Possible evenings.....  Out Call, events up to 4 hours $2000


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Advance made appointment appreciated...  Thank You!... Joyce

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