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Terms and conditions: 1.Recording or transmitting site or sound is a crime - felony, a cell photo is a recording. If you have to sneak it, or without written contract consent - You owe me 1 million dollars. Getting together with me is a contract you agree to pay this sum and jail time if you do so ... Easy not to, eh? :) Real respectable gentlemen please.

2. I have the right to all equal info of myself in equality of any say so and visuals - if per malice, in distribution.

" Tennis Anyone...!"

Best Days Monday and Tuesday, then Wed.

30 minutes  $250  Body rub to personal

Exclusive Out Calls, and Outings...

Out Call Jaunts': up to approx 4 hours. Pick up, country drive, dining, site seeing, concerts, or extremely private. $2000.
In/Out You Come to Me: up to 12 hours $3000 We plan the day, common to fine. See a movie, popcorn, burgers, fries, beach, driving, shopping, the zoo, hiking, concert, festival, opera, barbeque, tropical makings, fine dining, busy, friendship, playtime, whatever...! :)
I Come To You up to 12 hours $4000
....................................24 hours $5000
....................................48 hours $8000

Exclusively Yours I See Only You: 1 Month $10,000 In and out excursions of regular style living, adventures, relaxing, etc.
At Your Place I See Only You: 1 Month $20,000

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Things to Know Before Our Meeting, Common Questions Asked   (585) 820-5239   Etiquette...

How will you be dressed? I will be very well groomed, lingerie, stockings, heels, short skirt or dress is my style type.

Can I just text for an Appointment?  I need to hear your voice for screening. If spoken with, or seen before, texts are great and quick.

You have not gotten back me back? I may be busy, personal time off. Sounded odd, didn't Voice Call first, out of line when contacting, or with me.

I work or am contracted with your home residency, can I make an appointment? Sorry, I'll expect you to treat me as any private person.

I have never seen you before or for a short time. Out Call, dinner and a show? Only if I know you extremely well first.

Do you smoke, have tattoo's or piercing's, body alteration's? No smoking, and my body is all natural.

I am liking you more than expected, can we date outside of this? Being open to a committed relationship is not on my mind with clients.

I like to give gifts, what do you like? I do not expect gifts, just you. I do like champagne, wine, Godiva White liqueur, white chocolate, Bath and Body Works or other gift cards, candy. You are also welcome to bring your favorite wine or champagne you like best, as well as dining food if you like.

How old are you? I am mature over 35, and you don't have to tell either.

Do you have a record of any kind? No I don't. I am also drug free, and have never had any disease.

Confidential? Confidentiality is complete, unless you commit any type of crime.

What do you like in general? Getting social, music, sexiness, sipping wine, champagne, conversation, clicking, nature, drives, beaches, hiking, sunshine, events, people, concerts, festivals, warm summer stars and nights, dining, dressing, lingerie, modeling, relaxation, succeeding...

If we get intimate what are your likes? Consensual Only. Caressing, cuddling, necking, kissing, body lip, body passion, comfort, lavishness, pleasures, not feeling naked, together, lost in the warmth of now our world and knowing you are too, free, happy, playful, vibrant, relaxed, and more...!(no cim, swl, a, or bbfs.)

References, do I need any? I don't always play the reference game, but I may ask for some reason. I have my own formula.

I'm traveling, If I need you as a reference then what? It can take a day or two. I need to check a girls site, and other info first.

Will you accept me? If you have a positive attitude about seeing a companion with mutual before, during and after respect. Very well groomed, know it's a very small world, you nor I are disposable really. Keep the peace on into life. I'm not into pulling anything, nor seeing people who would say that I did, or quick to do so over any misunderstanding. Honestly I want the whole world happy, always, to those that deserve it.

Is my age ok? As long as you are 18 - 250 or more, no one is ever too old. Also, no matter who you are, executive, world leader, or good and gentle soul, you are welcome to call.   ...Also, making an appointment more than a day ahead is fine. (from above)

Public Reception? I know our human nature rights very well to battle and prosecute anyone who would play games to interfere, exploit you or us. ....Also, If seen in public after get togethers, please keep to yourself as I am on my own regular life living, thank you. 

What type of entertainer are you? I am about relating mentally with those also seeking healthy casual relating, long or short term. Healthy, being real and honest with yourself and another. You will still be treated as number one, to understand you - a little chameleon in an intelligent and experienced way. If you are simple, then so might I, sensitive to you. I also have my own personality as you do, how we click is what makes it best overall...

Where are you located? In a nice, quiet area, five miles from Greater Rochester International Airport, at my high class bungalow-suite.

What is your etiquette with the handling of the Time Amount? Remember it is for a blank period of time. You present it in the beginning when we meet, cash only, no envelope, in view so I can see it and verify it as such, or you can as silence is not necessarily golden, Donation or Time Fee! now all our own to do as we please...!  I will not accept an illegal prostitutional transaction of money, nor do I offer it here. I am not a part of law. If so, one 'would write or say they will do' something in exactness, offer, in an Ad, or with you for an exact amount. There is a difference

            You making an appointment with activitiy suggestion may also be interpreted as an 'exactness'. Appointment for Time Only!

                                                          Thank You and Look Forward to Getting Together With You! Joyce...xo:)...

Joyce - Appointments, Rates, Hours

 In Calls at My Location  Monday-Wednesday

1 hr $350        1.5 $500        2 $650        

*up to 12 hrs $3000 In/Out  

Before Calling, Please Check "Things to Know...." In red below, Then...

Please make your appointment a day before, or up to 4 hours prior the same day, I also may be available much sooner, Call and Ask...

To Make Your Appointment...  (585)820-5239  30 min $250 body rub or personal

1. Voice Call and leave Your Name, Phone Number, the Best Time to Call.

2. Let me know when you'd like your appointment and for how long.

4. And that's it! Thank you... I'll get back to you according to info below.

More: Possible Times if Available:  Eves  1 hr $450  1.5 $500  2 $650

Thursday/Friday  1 hr $500  1.5 $650  2 $700  I may lower if hard for some.

Saturday/Sunday 1hr $600  1.5 $750  2 $800  

More Selections: In or Exclusive Out, Very Private, or Outgoing Public

In Anytime/Day/Eve  12 hr $3000  24 $4000  48 $6000

Out Anytime/Day/Eve 12 hr $4000   24 $5000   48 $8000

Exclusively Yours 1 month $10,000  in/out only seeing you all month

Travel  1-2 weeks $10,000  1 month $20,000

Out Very Private pick up, drive, site see. Outings, Events, Dining, Concert, Festival, Beach, Your Place, more... 1-4hrs $2000 4-8 $3000  8-12 $4000  24$5000

* InAll Day/Night Lounging Up to 12 hrs Day/Eve $3000. All day friend, eating, drinking, music, movies, relaxing, talking, enjoying, experiencing, ordering in, creating, or bring your favorites, and more...

Email:  fastest, or

NO Cell phones out, please keep tucked away, excuse to bathroom...

CONTINUE TO PRECHECK ETIQUETTE, Questions/Answers, etc. Thank you...