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 * "...decent acting gentlemen" - if you are foul, or criminal to me, for the safety and or knowledge of your behavior I may let others know. This is a sensitive business for everyone, in a vast field of time and space. Some characters and personalities can feel they can do anything, and get away with it, and are then watched, they are in the minority, ...thank you for understanding. No need to worry of course if you are a regular angel!... Joyce


Call back. So you know, I may not be able to, I can also be on my personal time as we all have on my other days, and not on call 24/7. And I can ignore, or decline any uncomfortable character, one not keeping to time and companionship, etc.

A hug, kiss, hand shake, etc. if occurring before gift rate presented, in the beginning and no envelope, will also be considered consensual freedom, as any compensation gift rate is for Time and Companionship only.

Availability The current times and days can change, as they are 'current'. Problems to change on site, can delay reposting to change them for viewing.

Out Call and Longer Stays with only very well known. Events, concerts, dining, shopping, recreation, festivals, beach, staying in, more...

Your Age younger or older is welcome, treating another as you would like to be, is always key.

Gifts are never expected but Champagne brut, red wine, lunch or dinner for us, ice cream sundaes, assorted fruit, gift cards.

Legal Services I offer Adult Entertainment and Time and Companionship, anything that may occur is a matter of choice.

Privacy is meant to be between us. See below about decent acting gentlemen.

Email   Thank You, And Looking forward to Meeting You!... Joyce...