Other days available are after hours, very occasionally. Previous client 2 hour rate can still apply.

Cash amount is presented at greeting, no envelope.

Wednesdays. I choose not to see tons of men, my get together's are comfortably spaced, and return respectful freshness appreciated.

Special A) Events, concerts, big festivals, dining, shopping, recreation, stay in, etc.

If consensual intimacy, smaller preferred, and no a or cim.

I am All Natural, no body alteration's, no tattoo's, extra piercing's, or record of any kind, drug and disease free, non smoker.

No photos by cell or other devices, recording, transmitting, etc. without written consent unless for security purposes or flash profile identification. 1 million per case punishment.

Persons in close proximity of my residency I find inappropriate for appointments per my privacy comfort.

I am not a whore, streetwalker, available to anyone anytime, to be advertised by mouth or other as such. Appointments only to Elite acting men by phone or email only. Public lewd comments, or exploitation behavior is not permitted per this private service business.